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Like all its previous releases, BineMusic’s first compilation is more about quality than quantity, and yet it had to be released on double vinyl (and download).

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Like all its previous releases, BineMusic’s first compilation is more about quality than quantity, and yet it had to be released on double vinyl (and download).

At the end of the day, new and upcoming artists like Severence (whose album we can’t wait for now) should be accommodated just as much as those we have loved for years. Düsseldorf artist Lars Leonhard, who’s already well known among fellow techno freaks, makes his debut for Bine and starts off with the Twin Peaks-y but lovely grooving “Citylights”, while Thomas Touzimsky, who’s usually pulling strings behind the scenes, pleases us with a chirring beat “Insect”. A remarkably straight Scanner track reminding us of the better side of trance is followed by the minimal house sounds of TOL (raster-noton). Move D’s live recording back from the 90s paves the way for a warm, guitar chord driven ambient piece by New Zealand’s Ben Swire. Along with Move D, Benjamin Brunn is one of the label’s cornerstones and finds his place among Taylor Deupree aka Ando and Marconi Union (whose beautiful “Toyko” still rings in our ears).

What unifies all of them is the idea of combining thoughts of both abstraction and emotion which also shows in the formidable artwork – the head starts sweating while the legs dissect the beats. Ladies and Gentlemen! Please fasten your seatbelts, we’re floating into the outer space of your mind! (Written by Karsten Zimalla)

Release Date // April 12, 2010
Format // Digital Album // 2xLP
Catalog Nr // BINE VYR23
EAN // 880319450617

6 reviews for Various Artists | 2010

  1. DE:BUG (DE)

    Eight years have passed since the first release on BineMusic: “Feld” by Byetone (aka Olaf Bender) was part narrative abstraction, part follow-up to former East Germany art collective AG Geige of which Bender – now head of raster-noton – was a part of. Fan-dom and the collaboration with raster-noton eight years ago were the inspiration for Jens Rößger and his wife Sabine Wüste to start their own label, BineMusic. More than 20 releases later, the Essen based label has developed a profile on its own. Often incorporating jazzy halftones, Bine musically moves between ambient and club culture – conceptionally between abstraction and emotion. Joining these two different poles is the label’s claim, always resulting in electronic music going against the trend, managing to be both old school and avant-garde at the same time.
    Listeners can see (and hear) for themselves on some of the extraordinary releases of Move D, Scanner and Benjamin Brunn, who somewhat form the core of the BineMusic roster, garnering 14 releases under their collective belt. This is a testament of Rößger attaching great importance to long-time collaborations. Artists are given the freedom to unfold themselves over the course of several years without being pressed for time. All releases are approached with care, without leering at a timetable all of the time – a luxury that elevates BineMusic above the fast-paced club culture. Instead of planning ahead too far into the future, the label attaches great importance to elaborate mastering and high quality artworks, the latter of which had been provided by Benjamin Brunn until now. Starting this year, this task is upon Ralph Steinbrüchel who also releases on Bine, his abstract graphics changing places with Brunn’s representational pictures. The first release to present these is the label’s very first compilation which will be released these days, featuring ten exclusive tracks. And particularly danceable they are, as a label showcasing is always a good reason to party. Therefore, the compilation will only be released on double vinyl rather than CD.
    Still you won’t find any classic DJ tools on it of course – instead, Taylor Deupree’s track ties in with a long neglected draft of minimalism, while Move D adds a previously unreleased gem from the 90s, and Thomas Touzimsky (aka Fold), a member of BineMusic himself, even evokes the sound of Cologne schaffel. The smoother parts, however, are provided by the drawing sound of New Zealandian Ben Swire and the enthusiastic electronica of English duo Marconi Union.
    In the end, the compilation, simply called “2010”, covers the cosmos of the label without losing itself in retrospective. And meanwhile, in Essen, future releases are already in the making – scheduled for release are the debut album of dub-techno producer Severence, as well as a live set from Move D. BineMusic will surely keep us entertained for many years to come.

  2. Vital Weekly (NL)

    While looking at my floor, thinking it was kinda dirty, the doorbell rings: the postman delivers this 2LP set by Bine Music. I decide that this music, no doubt uplifting and rhythmic, is the perfect soundtrack for springtime cleaning of floors and windows. Whenever I have to switch the record is a good moment to do nothing for two minutes. I am not disappointed in the soundtrack. The bass drum nicely kicks away, there are minimal keyboards and sometimes a somewhat more ambient approach. When I sit down and look at the cover, I notice I heard pieces by Lars Leonhard, Ando, Severence, Fold, Scanner, Tol, Move D, Ben Swire, Benjamin Brunn and Marconi Union. I only recognized three of those names, but if you’d ask me what their tracks sounded like, specially, I would be clueless. That is a bit of a problem with a record (or perhaps the genre as such) like this: it all sounds pretty much the same, certainly if you are not fully initiated in this kind of music (well, that perhaps goes for every musical niche). But I had a fine time doing boring work with some great music. (FdW)

  3. Boomkat (UK)

    One of Germany’s finest purveyors of enhanced electronica, house and techno parade their wares for 2010. This fine compilation includes a higher calibre of deep minimalism from Scanner, Move D, Benjamin Brunn and Marconi Union among others, exploring the side of minimal that doesn’t come with assymetric haircuts and tight troosers as standard. Standout cuts come from Scanner on his craftily evolved ‘Coming Into Focus’, the moodily melodic Moss mix of Severance’s ‘Dark Heat’, the submerged sequences of Move D’s ‘Skoda’ and Marconi Union’s sublimely spine-chilling ‘Ancoats 111’. Fans of pristine deep end electronica should pay this some attention!

  4. Coolibri (DE)

    It’s an interesting roster of electronic music the Essen label BineMusic has gathered around itself, and now a compilation is released to put itself and its artist into the spotlight. On VARIOUS ARTISTS 2010 you will find an interesting sound mix from IDM to house and ambient, featuring Düsseldorf artist Lars Leonhard, dance veteran Move D or Ben Swire from New Zealand.

  5. Biograph (DE)

    Multifaceted and strictly synthetic, colorful and monochromatically dark: those real electronic compilations still exist these days, uniting upcoming artists and scene saviors at the same time. Essen label BineMusic and its publisher Kompakt (T.Raumschmiere et. al.) support both national and international electronic between minimal techno/house and fluffy ambient on their releases, and their compilation “BineMusic Presents: Various Artists – 2010” is an ambitious gem. Düsseldorf sound tinkerer Lars Leonhard opens the double vinyl with his fancy dance track “Citylights” – a pumping dream whose cool melody earns a resident slot on this summer’s dancefloors. Be it either Scanner’s warm and rhythmic trance on “Coming Into Focus”, Move D’s spacey slow-motion firework on “Skoda” or Benjamin Brunn’s 70s funk on “Lotta G” – Bine’s “Various Artists 2010” is a genre-lovers’ insider tip on black gold as well as download.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratulations Bine !!!!!

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