Move D | 10/11 – Live At Johanneskirche

It’s clear that the release of “10/11 – Live At Johanneskirche” on BineMusic will further enhance his reputation as one of the leading musical explorers of our time. All the usual move d qualities, elegance, subdued funk grooves and melodic mastery are in evidence.

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One look at the world map on Move D’s my space site and you might begin to understand just how influential and just how highly regarded the german electromeister is, in all corners of the world.

It’s clear that the release of “10/11 – Live At Johanneskirche” on BineMusic will further enhance his reputation as one of the leading musical explorers of our time. All the usual move d qualities, elegance, subdued funk grooves and melodic mastery are in evidence.

There’s also an extra atmospheric element which can be attributed to the fact the gig was originally scheduled to happen on sept.12 2001 but because of the events of 9/11, which resulted in Johanneskirche being used as the venue for the main german memorial service for the victims, the gig was postponed to 10/11. One of the tracks is titled “twin towers” again echoing the event and the atmosphere is indeed remarkable throughout.

It’s through managing to remain underground and still produce work of a quality most mainstream artists can only dream about that Move D’s musical integrity is beyond doubt, and he continues to inspire all who come in contact with his music. Once again he has produced a work of sublime beauty that takes the listener to places as yet uncharted by trends or businessmen. One step ahead. One pure dude.

Release Date // June 23, 2007
Format // Digital Album // CD
Catalog Nr // BINE CD13
EAN // 880319262227

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    DE:BUG (DE)

    A classic already, the recording of Move D’s performance at the Johannes Church in Duesseldorf had been available before, even as a proper net release (if my memory serves me right). While we remember him from his dancefloor singles, the Heidelberg artist takes his time on this one and celebrates the ambience. Wonderful tracks which can kick nevertheless, but are covered in an almost sacred mood, bringing back memories of the old Sourge days when things were right just as they were. Killer!

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    Smallfish (UK)

    Once again proving to all and sundry that he’s simply one of the best electronic producers around, Move D delivers this absolutely spellbinding live set recorded back in 2001 in Dusseldorf. The sheer range and variety of the wonderful electronic music on offer here is breathtaking; from deep, ambient soundscapes through funky, glitchy, yet melodic work and on into a more uptempo but incredibly detailed and subtle sound. All sides of Move D’s palette of sound are represented and it makes for a completely fluid, wonderfully paced album. Chances are if you find some new kind of music in this field that you really love, Move D did it years ago with no fuss or fanfare… he just simply writes amazing music. Highly recommended indeed.

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    Boomkat (UK)

    Having been lucky enough to have had these tracks on our hard drive for quite some time, its easy to say with confidence that this collection represents the most well-rounded and righteous body of work from David Moufang since his classic “Kunststoff” album originally came out back in 1995. Although his career has been largely defined by peaks of creativity embodied in diverse and sought-after 12″ releases, “Johanneskirche” proves that Moufang has a keen sense of narrative and timing that suit the album format very well. There are truly some out and out classics here, headed by the magnificent “Baked Bread”, a track that somehow manages to evoke the melancholy spirit of Detroit Techno within the velvety confines of Moufang’s instantly recognisable sound-pallete, wonky stabs and introspective chimes almost allowing you to forget that you’re in the midst of some incredibly well padded percussive arrangements. “Stringent” is also sublime; stretched strings providing the hook while a solitary piano tags along for the ride, sort of like a stoned, slowed-down version of Theo Parrish’s immense “Orchestra Hall”, oozing character and atmosphere from ever pore. The tracks that make up this set were originally intended for a show on September 12th 2001 and the inclusion of the eerie clockwork-driven “twin towers” sets much of the mood here, though while you could certainly imagine self-reflection and bewilderment being the catalyst for this work, the effect it has on the senses is one of hope and re-emergence, an emotional feat accomplished with grace and innovation from one of the worlds most consistently inspiring electronic producers. A beautiful album and a massive recommendation for home listeners and late night club-goers alike. Killer!

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    Vital Weekly (UK)

    David Moufang, also known as Move D, is one of the regular visitors to the small catalogue of Bine Music. Here he comes with a superlong CD of a recording made at the Johanneskirche on september 10th of year unknown. Move D is, to me at least, best known for his work on Fax Records, and that’s where I place him: ambient techno with jazzy touch. Perhaps I invented the jazzy touch upon hearing this live recording. Deep space synthesizers, jazzy keyboard lines, a jumpy rhythm and an acid style bass line. The first time I played this was early, very early morning at a considerable low volume, and then the ambient character of this record came out quite well, but later on when I turned up the volume a bit the rhythm part turned out to change these pieces a little bit and made me quite cheery. Best be heard in one go, I think, while lying down and relaxing – no doubt like the audience did when they saw and heard the original concert. Quite nice, but at the same time, also quite out of date style wise, as there was a time when there was a lot of this kind of ambient dance music. But Move D certainly is one of the better players. (FdW)

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    Kompakt (DE)

    Fantastic live recording of this Heidelbergian sound artist. Performed in october 2006 at the Johanneskirche Duesseldorf, this still impressive concert finally gets a proper release!

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    Phonica Records (UK)

    Recorded live in a church in Dusseldorf back in October 2001, this recording will definitely surprise all those of you that know move d for their 4/4 dancefloor stompers as the whole recording is veering towards more abstract electronic forms. Deep, beautifull, haunting and occasionally the beats do kick in but even then it’s more boards of Canada than richie hawtin (innit?!).

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