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Supplies for dub techno and ambient fans: following his debut album “1549”, BineMusic’s Lars Leonhard releases “No Comment”, a six-track 12″ EP including bonus remixes by renowned label colleagues plus a digital bonus trance version.

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Supplies for dub techno and ambient fans: following his debut album “1549”, BineMusic’s Lars Leonhard releases “No Comment”, a six-track 12″ EP including bonus remixes by renowned label colleagues plus a digital bonus trance version. The dynamically dense title track whose pumping beats layered with soft pads is reminiscent of the early Underworld has been further edited by the Düsseldorf- based artist into two additional versions. “No Comment – Before Sunset” is Leonhard’s decelerated take and tailor-made for Café Del Mar moments, while the outer space sound of “No Comment – Anywhere” invites the listener to drift into another world. “To add new ideas and sounds without watering down the character of the original track” – an intention Leonhard mastered perfectly.

His chilled versions are followed by a number of dancefloor remixes: with “No Comment – What Was The Question Again?”, sound architect Thomas Touzimsky piles track upon track, larding its structure with exciting highlights. “This is high- end producing, a track like taken from the future” Leonhard raves. Scanner’s “No Comment – Angel Z Mix”, a 90’s style techno remix, also receives his praise: “He really reached deeply into his bag of old-school tricks – contemporary and incredibly danceable”. Last but not least, Sven Schienhammer caps it all off with his bubbly underwater sounds of “No Comment – Quantec Mix”, a lush dub techno remix that no club should go without! “Deeper than space itself” Leonhard attests. But his EP certainly needs no further comment – if you want to feel, just hear.

Release Date // April 30, 2012
Format // Digital Album // 12“
Catalog Nr // BINE VYR27
EAN // 880319564215

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    Mihai Costin / Reash

    When we usually find ourselfs with the “No Comment” statement, the mind tends to judge it as a lack of information. This LP is clearly not the case. Soon as one presses the play button, he understands Lars Leonhard had an ace up his sleeve. In the first tune, the “No Comment Original Mix”, the strait beat inflicts a feeling that any hip loves. Slowly but surely the groove builds up alongside the beautyful crafted scapes. Twords the end the picture halts for a few moments, enough to give time for the mind to wrap itself around the break following lush harmonies. The “Anywhere Edit” of the same tune hits right from the start with an exquisite dub feeling that seems to ride along with no effort at all. If one thinks the attention to detail is lacking, it should be patient and hold on, as an irie pad will wash any thought away. And then this soul smasher gets an instictive replay. As far as the third edit goes, the lack of any typical drums doesn`t harm that much. In fact it lifts the pressure up after the first few seconds, as it nails the message whitout the need of percussion. After all it is called “Before The Sunset Edit” and the analogy is perfect. It has the strength it needs to furfill the task of a first track in any set, or last one. It can even groove while you are passing along a tree or a cat. Sven Schienhammer`s ”Quantec Mix” creeps in with excelent display of tehnique. The stedy but constant build up fails to receive any bad words, and that is good. The soul riping simplicity has a soul purpouse: to please any straight beat lover out there. If glitches turn you on, then you should go for Thomas Touzimsky`s ”What Was The Question Again Mix”. As soon as the first seconds spill away, one notices the tension doesn`t melt. It holds on for a minute and then makes way for supreme riffs, offering those goose bumps everyone is after. It`s no surprise that after the break the theme keeps evolving untill the very end of the tune. When it comes down to the ”Mix Scanner Mix” that Scanner crafted out, nostalgia could be the right worder to describe it. To understand that you should try and picture the present you 10 or 20 years ago, then back again. The vocal cuts make room for the ravey strings, and those melt into perfection alongisde a soothing lead. As a plus, the groove doesn`t stop for a second. And that is good. To top the whole package, Lars Leonhard has another ace up his sleave, called “Pure Trance Mix”. It`s available only as a digital bonus, an interesting choice. If at this point you thought the original version couldn`t give any more room for another view, yes you were wrong. Don`t get fooled by the name either, even if the rythm punches a whole in your chest, the heart gets pampered by the details Lars meticulosly has twined at every step.

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    Vital Weekly (NL)

    And perhaps I could write the same thing about Lars Leonhard’s new 12″. On one side Leonhard remixes his own ‘No Comment’, besides offering an ‘original edit’, on the other side we have remixes by Sven Schienhammer, T. Touzimsky and Scanner (all label mates). In his own work Leonhard – see also the review of his ‘1549’ in Vital Weekly 798 – combines dub, dance and ambient music, and as I predicted a return of ambient house – actually for a while now – this fits in perfect with that. Lots of waving synthesizers with delay techniques to create that dub like feel and slow dubby rhythm at the core of it all. Sample-less, this could be great intro pieces for extended Orb tracks, but its not yet entirely dance floor material. The remixes on the other side are more related to the dance floor, owing more to techno than to ambient music. Nice stuff indeed. Weather is still warm, you can sit outside and your feet taps along the 4/4 rhythm. (FdW)

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    Coolibri (DE)

    After his conceptual debut album ‘1549’ which evolved around a plane crash, Düsseldorf producer Lars Leonhard provides dub-techno and ambient fans with some slightly lighter supplies: NO COMMENT, his latest 12″ EP, includes three of Leonhard’s own versions along three dancefloor remixes by his label mates Sven Schienhammer, Thomas Touzimsky and Scanner. “No Comment – Original Edit” is coined by a dense dynamic sound which gets more spacey on “Anywhere”. “Before Sunset” perfections the song’s chill-out character, while all three remixes finally invite to the dancefloor. (Michael Wenzel)

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    Boomkat (UK)

    Lars Leonhard follows up his ‘1549’ album for Bine Music with a Trance-tempered Techno session featuring remixes from Scanner, Quantec and Thoams Touzimsky. The whole EP stems from his marching, late ’90s style lazer-grabber ‘No Comment (The Pure Trance Original)’, which also features in a more reserved Edit form, plus Dubstep-leaning and Sunset-ready beatless mixes. Remixing, Quantec keeps an even Dub Techno keel; Thomas Touzimsky gives a detailed IDM perspective; Scanner’s is lost to wide-eyed altered states.

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