Ben Swire

Ben Swire is a musician and recording engineer based in San Francisco. Originally from the Boston area, he studied drums and percussion with jazz drummer Matt Gordy. As a teenager, he built his first studio in his parents’ basement. It was there that he began to explore the possibilities of the studio setting, not only as a space to capture performances, but also as a collection of creative tools to layer, sculpt and manipulate sound. This approach became the impetus for making his own recordings. Swire’s formal music education continued at UMass Amherst, where he studied with electroacoustic composer Charles Bestor. Upon graduating, he moved to London where he performed regularly with Naturestrip founder Joel Stern in the experimental/improvisational act Minus. Swire has appeared on recordings for labels in the USA, the UK, Germany and Australia. His debut full length, “From Here to There,” was released in 2010 on Preservation. More information on his music, as well as his work in photography and sound mixing, can be found on his website: