Bedouin Ascent

Kingsuk Biswas of Bedouin Ascent began experimenting with guitar, bass and percussion as a teenager in the wake of the Punk/New Wave explosion; fusing the mutant, distorted funk and jazz with cheap electronics and noise before the digital revolution arrived. His early machine beats and atmospherics could be heard live in many a warehouse party and illicit gathering in the 80’s inevitably finding a home in the embryonic techno and experimental scene with the release of his influential EP’s on Rising High Records.

Bedouin Ascent offers an intriguing vision of urban myth and magick; the flip side of the runaway designer materialism usually sold off to the streetwise city kid. As such he represents a role call for misfits and mystics to live the science, art and ritual of accelerated decay – to share in a vision of beauty and a new way of being inspired by suburban indolence.


His is a far reaching future sound which strives so far forward that, like all things, it ultimately returns full circle to embrace the past. African, Gamelan and Eastern music explored via the wandering eye of Electro, Funk and Industria twisted and warped into freeform textures and new shapes.