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Taylor Deupree aka Ando. Touching back upon techniques he explored in the mid-1990’s deupree utilizes multiple time signatures, odd delays, feedbacks, and repetition to play with time and rhythm.

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Taylor Deupree aka Ando. Touching back upon techniques he explored in the mid-1990’s deupree utilizes multiple time signatures, odd delays, feedbacks, and repetition to play with time and rhythm. The minimal aesthetic is very much in line with what he is doing today, but the stylings are decidedly techno.

Release Date // March 23, 2008
Format // Digital Album // CD Maxi
Catalog Nr // BINE CD17
EAN // 880319293917

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  1. Vital Weekly (NL)

    Play this CD by Ando to any Taylor Deupree fan and he or she might say: yeah, so why are you playing this to me? I am pretty sure Deupree has many fans who are hardly familiar with his minimalist techno music. It’s been a while, I guess, since he last worked in this area. In fact the only one from the new millennium which springs to mind are his two 12″ inch records for Audio.NL. As Ando he returns to this style, and it’s a taster for a forthcoming album. Four pieces here, which started life in 2004, but were completed last year, of minimalist beats and minimalist electronics. BineMusic is distributed by Kompakt, and that should give those who are keen on anything rhythmic and minimal, a clue as to what to expect here. Four straight forward slabs of of minimal techno, quite groovy – going back to the early days of his career, and which no doubt would do well on the dance floor. Which makes me wonder why Bine Music released this on a CD? Quite fun and with four pieces right on the spot. (FdW)

  2. Boomkat (UK)

    Much of Taylor Deupree’s recent output has been characterised by an increasing presence of conventional instrumentation (particularly acoustic guitars) woven into his more customary digitised soundscapes. Perhaps as a means of balancing out this departure from more vehemently electronic forms, Deupree assumes this new guise for the Bine Music imprint, marking a return to the more rhythmic, techno influenced compositions of his work in the mid-nineties. You’d have trouble closely aligning this material to any of the minimal techno formats currently in vogue, instead a more accurate reference might be Frank Bretschneider’s music, himself an occasional contributor to 12k, and another musician who employs the rhythms and repetitions of techno as a template for a wholly more nuanced, microscopic approach to the sculpting of electronic sound. ‘Spine’ for example, is on the one hand held together by a strict 4/4 framework, underpinned by the sonar bleeps of the Sahko sound, while on the other features those distinctive, elaborate filtrations that crop up in Deupree’s more experimental work. After all, Deupree’s been playing around with narratives based around repetition and stasis since his landmark Stil. album, it’s just that this time there’s a fixed time signature, and beats are explicitly part of his idiom. This collection presents four tracks as a taster of an upcoming Ando album for the label, and it certainly sounds like a promising new venture for one of contemporary electronica’s most persistently brilliant musicians.

  3. Smallfish (UK)

    Mr Taylor Deupree gets back to his techno roots here with an absolutely cracking mini album of firm, crisp, rhythmic cuts. Somewhat out of the blue, this is a powerful release and uses his considerable knowledge of minimalism to form some really deep trax (and I use the ‘x’ specifically there). Grooving beats are matched by clever sounds that lock you in with there hypnotic repetition. They keep evolving in subtle ways; the addition of a high chord, an added note here and there always keeping you on your toes. With this release Deupree has once again shown his mastery of contemporary minimalism, yet he manages to give it an almost old-school twist at the same time. A super release then and one for fans of Deupree as well as those with a cheeky minimal techno leaning. Like me.

  4. Kompakt (DE)

    Ando aka Taylor Deupree (Raster-Noton, Audio.nl) with 20 minutes of rhythm, produced and recorded on 12k! Nice price cd.

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