Fold | Savour The Butterflies (Digital EP)


1. Savour The Butterflies
2. Finest Dust

Digital EP
• Mastered at Calyx/Berlin

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These days one looks back at the last months and remembers the events that shaped the year in either good or bad ways. Relationships, friends, job and private life – they are all full of challenges and, sometimes, failures.

“Savour The Butterflies” is a track which wants to remind us that even though things sometimes don’t work out the way we wish, it’s still important to enjoy the little moments of success.

Release Date // Januar 23, 2008
Format // Digital EP
Catalog Nr // BINE SD16


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1 review for Fold | Savour The Butterflies (Digital EP)

  1. Boomkat (UK)

    The sound of this two-track release from Fold might be viewed as a not-so-distant cousin of the familiar Raster Noton aesthetic, holding its rhythmic constitution together via a matrix of abrupt, shuffling glitch beats while delicate piano chords float across the background. Next, ‘FInest Dust’ sprays shards of bitsmashed beats and pixellated bass across the mix in a fashion suggestive of the sort of thing you’d hear from a Byetone record. Good stuff.

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