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Thomas Touzimsky, co-founder of binemusic, releases his ep Fold right on christmas time. Four multifarious tracks, harmonically aligned to form a 20 minute journey through sound.

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Catalogue number 003 comes from the small town obrigheim in the palatinate.

Thomas Touzimsky, co-founder of BineMusic, releases his ep Fold right on christmas time. Four multifarious tracks, harmonically aligned to form a 20 minute journey through sound.

“There is no special formula i apply while writing my music. While some tracks follow particular ideas that kept evolving in my head for quite a long time, others are the result of ongoing sound experiments. Some of the songs that were built around short fragments where mixed and changed beyond recognition, leaving only disguised bits and pieces of the original source.” (T. Touzimsky)

Cover rearrangement for publishing on all download and streaming platforms 2021 by Lemabine.

Release Date // November 23, 2003
Format // Digital Album // CD Maxi
Catalog Nr // BINE CD03
EAN // 880319102424

4 reviews for FOLD | Fold

  1. Westzeit (DE)

    Thomas Touzimsky, co-founder of BineMusic, discovers the groove even within echolot-like beeping, sorting sonar bleeping and scratchy wiping to highly interesting tracks within his laptop sequencer. The third bine release (after two albums from the raster music environment) might be “just” a 20 minute ep, but nevertheless keeps up the developed standard. Intelligent ambient under laptop conditions, including reverbing voices and pieces of opera singings waving through the channels. Aphex Twin and Future Sound Of London – which fold lists as his influences – truly find together on this release.

  2. Igloo Magazine (US)

    One of BineMusic’s founders, Fold (Thomas Touzimsky) has recently released his self-titled ep that is absolutely celestial! By combining the ethics of dub and funk, his otherwise cold bleeps come to life on “Un.Fold.” melodic, warm and just full of crispy edges, fold breaks free from a lot of mainstay microsound confines by upping the tempo and making this a groove machine, infectious as all heck on the grind of “Funktion().” pop, click, and static electricity – this one gets you go-go-going! His laptop has captured the most delicate essence of dusty, scratched vinyl on the somnolescence of “Exit.” Wiggling around, it’s his chill cycle. “AAA” takes on political and media lipservice, layered with fiery white noise and a toy parrot-like atonal percussion. Fold shows off his sprawling range on this ep sampler, with chugging trains, crooning operations and nasa engineers. In spite of the wide diversions in scope and style on this 20-minute short-player, this is challenging sound work that is at once haunting and groovalicious. TJ Norris, contributing editor

  3. Smallfish (UK)

    Gorgeous four track mini cd on this Raster related label that covers a suprisingly large range of electronic sounds. From stripped, glitch based gear to melodic, almost Aphex Twin style melodic electronics with hefty, squidgy beats. This is followed up by a tremendously atmospheric beatless track and then a textural piece at the end. A delicious combination.

  4. A-ha Magazine (DE)

    Fold is a four track ep and a preview for an album which will follow. Maybe it’s no music for the masses, as – thankfully – it goes without 180 bpm. It rather shows (again) that electronic music can be creative, equivocal and exciting, especially if it’s far from commercial music – so far that the comparison is almost insulting. I hope you can forgive me. In my opinion, with its third release the “BineMusic” label becomes more and more of a sleeper for music made for the love of synthetic soundscapes.

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