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De-Escalate, the second vinyl by Benjamin Brunn for this year. After “Music Under Pin” (bine008vyr), he releases another 12″ in mid-november featuring new 4 tracks.

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De-Escalate, the second vinyl by Benjamin Brunn for this year. After “Music Under Pin” (bine008vyr), he releases another 12″ in mid-november featuring new 4 tracks.

The times are stamped by economic crisis, natural disasters and political chaos. Friendships and relations break up, your favourite event venue closes its doors forever. The summer of 2005 wasn’t a summer after all, and the warehouse escalators already clatter much too loud again. Just the right time for a new record by Benjamin Brunn: De-Escalation (or the attempt thereof) through music: De-Escalate.

Release Date // November 23, 2005
Format // Digital Album // 12“
Catalog Nr // BINE VYR09
EAN // 880319169113

9 reviews for Benjamin Brunn | De-Escalate

  1. Smallfish (UK)

    This is another serious piece of work from Benjamin Brunn who continues to impress with some staggeringly deep and lush music. As a follow up to ‘Music Under Pin’ it’s about as perfect as you could imagine and features three divine slices of very playable minimal, dubbed out and warm Techno plus a gorgeous, more downbeat cut. The main track is a prime example of how to do reduced grooves without resorting to glitched-up noises whilst retaining a depth and beauty that shines. A seriously excellent EP that’s highly recommended for fans of great electronic music.

  2. Boomkat (UK)

    We’re avid followers of the far too occasional Bine label – and Brunn has produced two of the best releases for Bine. “Slow down the escalator” is simply enveloping, resounding beefy bass vibration, steppers tempo, but all the attention to original sound design you could wish for. The heritage of this music is well documented – but Brun has still managaed to provide a fresh twist on the dubby aspect of minimal techno. Thank you voxxx weaves gorgeous textures, small eddies of sound become disjointed and are then in turn reassembled, with a thorughly engaging treble ranged drone providing focal interest. “I prefer elevators” makes plain a connection to the intricacies of the .snd sound – no clicks nor cuts, just a static loop and a juddered sound chamber resonance which proves wholly mesmerising, until a bumping bass flex really catches light.

  3. Groove (DE)

    One of the best sequels of minimal dubtech comes from saxon Benjamin Brunn, who – after releases on Ware and USM – already had been in the spotlight on BineMusic for both “König und Drache” and “Music Under Pin”. Decorated with soft-melancholic bells, the minmal trance of “slow down the escalator!” gets slightly out of sync with the time, yet still works pretty tidy with its head-nodding bass, while “i prefer elevators” draws a impressing synergy of minimal dub and broken electro acid.

  4. Kompakt (DE)

    Bass-strong minimal experimental, floatingly abstracted tracks in an ambient cosmos… Pinches your eardrum and feels good!

  5. Westzeit (DE)

    With his new 12″ (again limited to 500 copies; for all non-turntable owners Bine offers a nice service: they will receive a cdr along with their vinyl) Brunn’s oevre adds up to a trilogy. Following the album “König und Drache” and “Music Under Pin”, featuring some prominent remixes and four new tracks, he now presents 4 tracks which softly, but consequently aim to mix warm bass loops with intelligent sound design. Mimimalism with great depth, even club-appealing in the right environment. Those familiar with Chemnitz will sure recognize the nod to local scene club “Voxxx”, while for the cover, friends of photography gonna admire Brunn’s talent on yet another sector as well.

  6. Forced Exposure (US)

    The most clubby bine release so far. ‘Tricky disco’ somewhere between modern love & monolake.

  7. Vital Weekly (NL)

    This is the follow up to ‘Music Under Pin’ (see vital weekly 481), which then presented four tracks by the for me unknown Benjamin Brunn and four remixes, including one by Frank Bretschneider. Here he is by himself again, with another four tracks of minimal techno. A forceful yet minimal rhythm built each of the tracks and small icing is put on the cake. It’s not in it’s kind but also nothing ground breaking new. If i was a dj of this kind stuff (or in fact a dj at all), i would perhaps stick this in my record bag and give it a few spins along some of the finer Bretschneider and Kompakt stuff – it wouldn’t be a too strange thing to do and would no doubt be a good spin. But at home, these pieces by itself didn’t do much for me. (fdw)

  8. Phonica Records (UK)

    Four tracks from the more abstract end of the german minimal techno spectrum from an artist who has previously recorded sapcious electronica sounds. Will appeal to fans of studio pankow etc.

  9. DE:BUG (DE)

    Four very ringing, finely chiselled tracks by Benjamin Brunn which more than ever present him conquering the dancefloor without forbearing from anything that defines his sound. Adding soundscapes like “thank you voxxx” and experiments like “my town is electric”, but it’s the two more straight tracks that hit a nerve and drill into you.

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